Andre Ludolph


Andre Ludolph was born and raised in the Phoenix Valley. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing with Magna Cum Laude honors. Andre has been serving client's throughout the Phoenix valley since 2012. He has enjoyed tremendous success as a REALTOR, outproducing the average REALTOR by 5:1. Andre is a full time REALTOR, and his immersion into the real estate world keeps him highly in tune with market shifts and trends. He uses his experience and knowledge to serve his client's in the most meaningful and impactful way, negotiating the best deal and understanding client's wants and needs, and therefore delivering the ultimate service experience for every client. Andre specializes in Marketing/Advertising, especially as it applies to utilizing social media and other online resources. Therefore he successfully helps client's sell their homes for more money, quicker, and helps buyer's get the best deal possible.

Andre's real estate story begins in 2007. He watched his family buy their dream home and successfully rent his childhood home to a young family. It seemed as though the American Dream had been reached. But that soon crashed as the real estate and stock market were devastated by the economic collapse of 2007. He watched his childhood home be neglected and destroyed. He watched his family have to go through the painful process of a short sale and then a deed in lieu of foreclosure. He then witnessed many other friends and family be devastated by this terrible time. Andre worked hard the next 4 years in college to learn as much as possible to make a difference in the world. After graduating college in 2011 Andre turned to real estate school. His mission is to provide hope and value to an industry that hurt so many people. Andre is driven and finds his purpose serving people, and creating a real estate experience that is enjoyable and unforgettable. He wants to restore hope and joy to one of the biggest and most exciting things someone will ever experience. He is fueled by the gratitude of his client's, and has found a purpose that motivates him everyday.

Andre is described by friends and family as likable and passionate. He is extremely competitive and puts all his energy and effort into anything that he cares a lot about. Andre cares deeply about people and enjoys developing new friendships. He is devoted to Desert Breeze Community Church and serves the youth ministry, mentoring the Junior High Boys age group and teaching on Sundays and Wednesdays. Andre also really enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Katie as well as the beautiful Arizona weather playing golf and tennis. He has a love for life that pours out into everything else that he does. He would love the opportunity to work with you and show you what makes him different than any other agent. Andre is grateful for the raving fans that he has already established in his business, and hopes that you become one too!

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