George Ponce


I have been helping clients make great selling and buying decisions for over 30 years. I grew up in a family business helping people at our grocery store. I have been in sales all my adult life. I have sold clothes, electronics, appliances, and lodging for the last twenty years. I have assisted brides to make their special day be special. I have assisted party planners in making their events successful. I have helped guests make their vacation extra relaxing and enjoyable. I enjoy helping people make tough decisions. As a professional realtor, I pride myself on my knowledge, understanding of the process, and believe in my team to assist my clients with their home sale or purchase.
What the last twenty years have taught me in the hospitality business is that people have questions and concerns; look for someone they can trust. Someone that has the patience to listen to their questions. Someone that explains the complicated process of buying or selling a home. My experience in sales and marketing has taught me to listen, to ask questions and to find what concerns are important to the client. People like to buy but not to be sold any item especially a home. They want to purchase a home and know that they have made the right choice. As your realtor, I promise to be there as your guide. I bring my expertise in sales, negotiation skills and marketing know-how to your side. I am committed, to be honest, loyal, trustworthy, respectful, and to always place your interest before mine.
I grew up in Illinois where people got to know people they did business with. I come from a town where the realtor was part of the community. I have been an apartment renter, home renter, a home seller and home owner. I understand how important it is to know, like and trust the person I am dealing with. Since moving to the west valley 17 years ago, I have come to know and love everything this area has to offer. It fits well with my lifestyle of hiking, camping, shopping and dining. I like how there are small neighborhoods amongst subdivisions with plenty of parks to walk the dogs or see your kids play. This is my home. Now I want to help make it yours. I have been helping people make buying and selling decisions for over three decades. Let me help you achieve the American dream.

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