Marlene Russell


My mission as a real estate agent is to help my clients achieve their real estate goals by making the best informed decisions for their unique situation. Most importantly, I listen to their dreams, desires and goals. I assist them by answering questions, helping them explore options, advising and walking them through the process. Initially, letting them know everything that should transpire throughout the transaction. I realize it’s overwhelming in the beginning to grasp, but I consistently reiterate, guiding them step-by-step, and update them to what should materialize next. I encourage them to ask many questions, as I want them to be informed Buyers/Sellers to make the most educated decisions possible. I utilize my experience to guide people through unfamiliar and emotional processes.

Clients know I will not mislead them and give them my honest and most knowledgeable opinion. If a potential problem arises, I bring it to the table and share it, so we together, can make a decision most beneficial to them. My thought process has always been, whether good or bad, communication will resolve the issues at hand. I pay attention to detail and feel it’s important to develop good working rapport with everyone involved in the transaction process.

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