Yenting (Iris) Yang


I have been working as an apartment manager for 4 years. That job requires strong communication and negotiation skill. I provide responsive customer service to tenants and the landlord. Property management is extremely detail-oriented so it requires a high level of organization and problem-solving skill. I have very good relationship with all my tenants because I take care of them from my heart. I believe applying those abilities to buying or selling home process would bring the best interest to my clients.

I have bachelor and master degree on business administration and have 10 years computer programming experience. The education and coding experience makes me good at trouble solving, making plan for different situation and organizing information. Buying or selling a home is a complicated process. I can assist my client to explore their options and understand each step of transaction so they can make best decision.

I was born and grew up in Taiwan so that I speak Mandarin fluently. I moved to Arizona 5 years ago and love the people and sunshine here right away. I enjoy reading, sport and outdoor activities. I am a loving and giving person. Helping and taking care of others is my nature. If you ever need anything and don’t know who you can ask for, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to be your support in many ways.

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