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CENTURY 21 Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants: Chandler AZ


Our lovely Arizona capital has been rising as a beacon for fine cuisine and modern eating. With the recent emphasis on fresh, all natural ingredients in our food, we went on a hunt for some of the best places to eat in Phoenix. Here are our favorite neighborhood restaurants in Phoenix!

Our Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants

1. Cafe Cornucopia

Where: 4959 W. Ray Rd. Chandler, AZ

CENTURY 21 Menu Favorites: meatloaf sandwich, tomato basil soup, turkey avocado sandwich

Locally owned and operated, this little bistro is the kind of homey place where you turn into a “regular”. We love the friendly staff and the simple, but delightful food. Try it all! The sandwich and soup menus are worth exploring, especially when the seasons change. Make sure to say hello to the owners as they are often serving in the restaurant! It is a little bit hard to find on Ray Rd.- so be sure to map it out first.

2. Vintage 95

Where: 95 W. Boston St. Chandler, AZ

CENTURY 21 Menu Favorites: date/pistachio bruschetta, vintage flatbread, blt salad

We wanted to highlight this great little wine lounge because they just came out with a new Summer Menu that sounds divine (especially because we saw the letters B-R-U-N-C-H). You should definitely make a reservation before stopping by, particularly on weekend evenings. Their live music and great bar makes this the perfect place for a catch up with old friends or a first date. Definitely check out their unique drink menu!

3. Cyclo

Where: 1919 W. Chandler Blvd. Chandler, AZ

CENTURY 21 Menu Favorites: ga xao xa ot (lemongrass chicken), bun bo xao (beef and scallion rice vermicelli)

We’ve just got to say it first: BYOB policy. This alone makes this little Vietnamese place a place to be. The food is awesome! Definitely a great place to try out some new and adventurous flavors. It’s very affordable for its quality. We recommend stopping by for take out or bringing a friend or two with some beers for a great dine-in meal.

4. Cork Restaurant

Where: 4991 S. Alma School Rd. Suite 101 Chandler, AZ (The Promenade at Fulton Ranch)

CENTURY 21 Menu Favorites: Hanger steak, banana creme pie, the wine list

Date night! Ditch the kids (even though we still love them), get dolled up, and enjoy the classically delicious food at Cork! It is a bit more pricey, but worth every bite– excuse me, dollar. The contemporary dishes combine French influences and American techniques. You can always go on a romantic evening walk along the water near the Promenade after dinner! We hear that Tuesdays offer great discounts on drinks and some menu items.

5. Paletas Betty

Where: 96 W. Boston St. Suite 100 Chandler, AZ

CENTURY 21 Menu Favorites: key lime, pura piña, agua vita

OK. We love a good sweet shop, but Paletas takes your taste buds on a whole different kind of sugar-coaster. From the juices to the fruit pops, the treats are 100% Mexican and 100% delicious. Take the kids out for a treat after school (and expand their cultural horizons simultaneously)! This modern, friendly shop will have you coming back for more handmade pops and *healthy* desserts! The flavors vary daily.


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