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The 5 Most Desirable Neighborhoods in the Phoenix Area


The Phoenix area is growing rapidly, due both to the prevalence of fantastic neighborhoods and a surprisingly large number of business relocations. It should come as no surprise, then, that the area has managed to produce a number of neighborhoods that have become incredibly desirable. These areas all offer different things to different populations, but they’re united in both their rising property values and the fierce competition for homes. If you’re looking to move to the Phoenix area, these are the neighborhoods that you’re going to want to see first. From downtown hotspots to high-class living, these are the most desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix that really have it all.

The Most Desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix

Each of the most desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix have something unique to offer. Some are geared towards young professionals and families, while others are home to those who have already made it to the top of the class. These are neighborhoods that might be situated in the middle of the region’s most exclusive developments or that bear addresses closer to the city’s most celebrated cultural institutions. If you’re looking to relocate, these neighborhoods represent the gold standard.

#5 – CenPho

Central Phoenix is the go-to region for anyone who wants to be in the thick of it all. This is the home base for those who want to be near art and culture, with easy access to all of Phoenix’s most intriguing delights. With a ton of restaurants and shops to choose from, this is where the action is, an area that’s as close to the party as one can get without being overwhelmed.

desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix

CenPho is also known for being an open and diverse neighborhood, one that’s welcoming to anyone who purchases a home. A perfect fit for anyone relocating from another big city, it also offers great access to the lightrail. If you’re looking for a city lifestyle that embraces everything that Phoenix has to offer, this might be the place for you.

#4 – Roosevelt Row

If CenPho is too far from the action, Roosevelt Row is where you want to be. This neighborhood is close to downtown, giving residents a real chance to be in the middle of the city. Roosevelt Row is where art and culture collide, giving the area a kind of bohemian atmosphere that’s very hard to find anywhere else. This is a district for artists and musicians, or at least those who appreciate the lifestyle.

Those who are fans of art absolutely need to spend time on Roosevelt Row. It’s home to the city’s popular First Friday Artwalk, as well as the galleries that keep the cultural heart of the city beating. If you’re looking for the one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix that will spark your creativity and give you a chance to be one with your art, you’ll love Roosevelt Row.

#3 – DC Ranch (North Scottsdale)

Looking for something that’s a little farther out from the city? You might want to take a trip out to North Scottsdale to take a look at DC Ranch. A vibrant community in its own right, this is one area that absolutely deserves the luxurious label that it’s earned over the years. DC Ranch is certainly a place for those who have already reached the pinnacle of their careers, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not a great deal to enjoy – especially if you’re a golfer. Instead, think of DC Ranch as the place to go because you’ve earned something a bit above the rest.

desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix
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With homes that easily sell in the eight-figure range, DC Ranch isn’t for those who are just starting out. It is, however, for those who are looking to relocate to the Phoenix region without having to give up all the luxuries to which they have become accustomed. This is a neighborhood that offers a ton of great amenities, especially for those that enjoy golf, tennis, or fitness in general. A little farther from the city, it’s one of the desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix that is perfect for those who want to be close, but not too close to the action.

#2 – Arcadia (Phoenix)

Arcadia is an incredibly interesting mix of several different ideal features. On one hand, it’s closer to the cultural heart of the city than some other neighborhoods, giving its residents easy access to everything locals love about Phoenix. On the other hand, it’s far enough out that you can really get in touch with nature. Near Camelback Mountain, this is perhaps the best place to live if you’re looking to get outside and enjoy all that the landscape has to offer.

Despite being a little more rustic and trendy, this is also an incredibly luxurious area. While you’re not quite reaching the prices that you’d find in a few of the other areas, you’re still going to find top-tier homes from well-known architects. Arcadia is the place to go not just for those who are looking to find a safe and relaxing neighborhood, but for those who want to be in proximity to both Phoenix’s natural and man-made amenities.

#1 – Paradise Valley

There are several terms that are regularly used to describe Paradise Valley, but the most apt one is already in the name – Paradise. Most locals would say that if you live here, you’ve already made it. Just outside of Phoenix, Paradise Valley has a combination of all the features that new residents would want in a new home, with a few that are unique to the region.

desirable neighborhoods in phoenix

Paradise Valley has a little bit of everything. It’s close to nature, to be sure, but still close enough to the city that driving is not a burden. It has an incredibly well-educated population, as well as one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. This area really is the type of place in which almost anyone would like to live and is a popular residence for athletes and celebrities that call the Valley their home (or second home).

Time to pick a neighborhood

Each of the most desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix have something to offer. Whether you’re looking for easy access to downtown or luxurious living, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. When you’re finally ready to settle down, make sure to visit Century21 Northwest to get help finding the perfect neighborhood in which to start your new life.


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