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The Top 5 Energy Efficient Home Builders in Arizona


There are many reasons to want an energy efficient home. Some want to save on their energy bills, for example, while others might be concerned about their carbon footprint. No matter what your logic, it’s important to remember that energy efficiency starts with the construction of your new home. By taking a look at what makes a home more energy efficient as well as the energy efficient home builders in Arizona, you can accomplish your efficiency goals without sacrificing the quality of your new home.

What makes a home energy efficient?

Energy efficiency is a complicated topic, one that’s about more than just using Energy Star-rated appliances. If you want your home to be energy-efficient, it’s important that you look at several factors. Not only should you be using appliances that have a relatively low energy requirement, but you’ll need to look at factors ranging from the materials used in your home’s construction to the floor plan of your house.


As you might imagine, the materials used in building a home can play a huge role in whether or not it is truly efficient. On a basic level, the material used in the walls of the home will play a big role in how well-insulated the home will be and thus how much energy is used to heat and cool the home. Flooring choices likewise play a role in energy usage, as do the types of windows chosen for the home. Finding the right materials is a matter of knowing exactly how each will contribute to the overall efficiency of the home.

energy efficient home builders in Arizona

Certain materials are a must-have when it comes to keeping your home cool, which is a necessity with the Valley’s climate. This newly upgraded home in Phoenix featuring wood tile, dual-pane windows, and ceiling fans is perfect for not only keeping the climate controlled, but for keeping the energy bill controlled as well.


Design has played a huge role in energy efficiency as well. Proper room orientation and window placement is a must, as is providing a layout that will minimize the need for expensive energy systems. Two story homes also tend to be more efficient than their one-story counterparts, as they have less of an exterior surface, though even then it’s important to properly design the roof of the home in order to minimize long-term heating and cooling issues.

energy efficient home builders in Arizona

This home that is currently under construction in Buckeye is not only North/South facing, but has a 2-story design with all tile roof; it is perfect for those looking for newly built energy efficient homes.


Smart features have increasingly become the key to making a home more energy efficient. Being able to control lights and heat remotely can allow homeowners to have better control over energy usages, while automated systems can ensure that the home is only using energy when necessary. In fact, it is often the inclusion of smart, energy-monitoring features that can take a home from being the typical energy hog and into the territory of being considered truly efficient.

energy efficient home builders in Arizona

Located in Queen Creek, this home already has some features built-in to make it the ideal energy efficient smart home. With new kitchen appliances, and even a smart wifi thermostat, it has a head start on some of the automated features that help your home use energy only when it’s needed.

The Top Energy Efficient Home Builders in Arizona

Given both Arizona’s place in the green tech boom and the climate of the area, it makes sense that the state has a number of home builders who are very energy-conscious. The builders listed below are those who have not only the best efficiency benefits, but also those who have been lauded by the professional organizations that keep track of efficient builders.

#1. Fulton Homes

Honored by the SRP as the top local homebuilder for energy efficiency in the region, Fulton has managed to build a number of homes that combine fantastic design as well as energy-friendly amenities. The company is a leader in the field, one that not only makes use of leading-edge construction methods but also manages to create homes that are as much about luxury and comfort as they are about keeping energy costs down.

#2. Maracay Homes

One of SRP’s winners of the Champions of Energy Efficiency Awards, Maracay Homes is another one of the leading homebuilders in the Valley. They offer a variety of choices for the buyers that are not only great for home design preferences, but for environmental preferences as well. When it comes to efficiency and sustainability, Maracay Homes has a ton to offer homebuyers that value green living.

#3. Meritage Homes

Meritage Homes is another leader in the realm of energy efficiency, with a number of optional upgrades in their homes that will keep energy usage down while keeping all of its occupants comfortable. If you’re looking for a home that will allow you to make use of the latest developments in energy-efficient technology, it will pay to take a look at the homes from Meritage.

#4. KB Homes

KB Homes has likewise established a reputation for building energy-efficient homes. Rather than just adding optional systems, the company’s construction process relies on eco-friendly choices that help its customers to save on their energy bills. Ranging from thermal enclosure systems that help to cut down on heating and cooling costs to water-wise systems that help owners to cut down on unnecessary water waste, the company’s homes really do a great job of showing how many energy-smart innovations operate without the input of the homeowner.

#5. Lennar Homes

Rounding out the top five is Lennar Homes. Lennar is another company that prides itself on using energy-efficient construction techniques and including energy-smart amenities in all of its homes. By making use of some of the best technology in the industry, it gives its residents more control over their energy usage as well as more chances to enjoy high-end living without making the kinds of sacrifices that are usually associated with reducing one’s energy bills.

Energy Efficient Homes and You

If you want an efficient home, it’s best to start with that goal from the moment of construction. Before you start speaking to a builder, though, it’s vital that you get the help of an home buyer’s agent to help you navigate the process. When you’re ready to start looking at an efficient home, make sure to visit CENTURY21 Northwest and use our home affordability calculator to help determine which price range you should start looking in.

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