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Interior Design Home Trends for 2018


Have you been following the all-white-everything interior design trend in recent years? Good news! We are predicting some more color in your home this year. Read on for home trends that we think will explode in 2018.

2018 Home Trends

Whether 2018 is the year that you buy a new home, remodel your existing one or just make a special trip to IKEA, there is a pronounced change in home trends that you are sure to notice in your Pinterest feed in the coming months. Here we take a look at some specific things you should expect.

IN: Darker colors and accents

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While light color palettes have been en vogue for the past couple of years, some darker and moodier colors will make their comebacks in 2018. Look for interior designers to start incorporating more colorful accents like deep emerald green kitchen cabinetry.

OUT: All white everything

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In recent years, home trends (especially in Maricopa County) have favored all white cabinets, stacked with white countertops and white backsplashes. But the whiteout is over. While a neutral color like white will never go out of style altogether, in 2018, the darker colors mentioned previously will be breaking up home interiors. Think about replacing that white subway tile backsplash with an interesting patterned version or some dark glass tiles.

home trends

IN: Dark countertops and high-contrast marble

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Whereas most new homes have had nearly all-white countertops in the recent past, darker countertops or extremely high-contrast marble will be having a home trend moment this year. Interior designer Donna Mondi predicts that designer kitchens will feature countertops with bold colors and lots of veining as opposed to the light, monochromatic countertops of 2017.

OUT: Brushed brass

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While brushed brass has been the choice of interior designers everywhere for a couple of years now, its moment is up. In 2018, look for home trends to move toward different metal finishes to compliment the more eclectic, modern design styles coming at us.

IN: Black metal fixtures and hardware

Sometimes referred to as zinc, the black metal fixtures that were nearly impossible to find in the last couple of years will start popping up in fashionable homes all over the place. If you want to try out this trend for yourself, you are in luck! Whether you rent or own your home, you can get in on the action with something as simple as a new light fixture, cabinet hardware or doorknobs.

OUT: Excessive farmhouse style

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Is it a coincidence that Chip and Joanna Gaines recently announced that they are ending their TV show? Maybe. Or maybe they got the memo that the nation’s obsession with farmhouse style is finally slowing down. While there is something timeless about some elements of the aesthetic, look for designers in 2018 to mix farmhouse elements with other styles to create a more contemporary, eclectic look in homes.

IN: Natural wood

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As home trends are allowing for more contrast and colors within homes, look for darker wood colors to make a comeback. From flooring and cabinets to shelves and furniture, keep an eye out for deep cherries, mahoganies and browns.

OUT: Chevron pattern

home trends

It had a good run, but it looks like 2018 will finally be the year that the chevron pattern leaves us for good. Luckily for those of you who used the pattern on an entire wall, an update to get you in line with current home trends is no more than a paintbrush away. And what a great excuse to integrate some of the new moody colors coming into style! Whether you want a shade of blue or decide on the perfect shade of green, this may be the easiest outdated home trend to rid your house of.

IN: Large kitchens

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Some things will never go out of style. Whether you like to cook or use your oven for shoe storage Carrie Bradshaw style, there is something decidedly modern about homes with large kitchens to allow the space for friends and families to gather. Bonus points if the island is painted in a bold accent color!

OUT: Rose gold

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While you have likely already committed to the iPhone, hopefully there is not anything rose gold in your home that is too terribly difficult to replace. The trend was so huge in the past year or two that everyone is finally sick of hue. While it used to stand out, it now blends in — and is a totally boring choice for 2018. Steer clear!

What do you think? Are you digging on the same home trends for 2018, or are you sad that some of your favorites are on their way out? Need some help finding a new house that you can try some of these home trends on? Give us a call! Whether you want something move-in ready or a fixer upper that you can make totally your own, we can help you find the perfect listing.



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