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The Top Retirement Activities in Active Adult Communities


One of the hidden joys of retiring to an active adult community in Phoenix is taking advantage of all of the great retirement activities. For many, retirement is about much more than just ending one’s career. Retirement can be a great way to embrace the things that you’ve always wanted to do. With the help of these communities, your dreams really can become a reality.

Popular retirement activities in active adult communities

Active adult communities are not the sedate retirement communities that you might remember from your youth. While there might be plenty of golfers and quite a few quilting circles, there are also many fun (and sometimes silly) activities in which you can partake. If you’re thinking of moving to one of the active adult communities in Arizona, you might want to consider some of the retirement activities below.

retirement activities

Fitness classes

Many people look at retirement as a time to really get into the kind of shape they’ve always wanted to be in. Most active communities make it a point to offer a variety of fitness activities, ranging from aerobics classes to walking trails. Some even offer high-impact classes like Crossfit, or provide trendier methods of fitness like Hot Yoga. What’s great about this type of retirement activity isn’t just that it’s good for you, but that it can be customized to your needs. Whether you want something that will keep you limber or you’re really looking to accomplish fitness goals, most communities will help you find what you need.

Hobbies and crafts

Another great part of retirement is that it gives you time to focus on the things you really enjoy. Hobbies and crafts are incredibly popular retirement activities in active adult communities. While you might think of knitting clubs and card games, the truth is that modern communities embrace almost everything. You can find woodworking groups, leatherworking collectives, and even theater troupes in some communities. There are also computer enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and radio stations in others. If you have a passion, you’re almost certain to find someone else who loves what you love in one of these communities.

Travel groups

Moving to an active adult community doesn’t have to mean staying in one place. In fact, many of these communities have exceptionally active travel groups. These groups get together and plan trips to areas both in the region and across the country, getting better rates because they travel as a group. Joining one of them can be a fantastic way to have company while you travel and stretch your dollar at the same time. Make sure to look into the trips those in your community are taking, as you might be surprised by how far and how often some are willing to go for an adventure. With a little research, you may be able to go to one of your dream destinations with a group of your neighbors.

retirement activities

Social clubs

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of your social life. For many, it actually means a fresh start. Many communities have active social groups, allowing people to get out and get to know their neighbors. Some of these groups focus on getting together for fine dining, while others take in theater shows or even plan trips out to sporting events. Some of these social clubs are centered around the backgrounds of the individuals, while others are open to anyone who wants to join. If you’re looking for a great way to get out of your house and to meet new people, joining a social club may be one of the retirement activities for you.


Whether you’re looking for something intense or something with a little more impact, almost all of the active adult communities will offer sports of some sort. This can be a great way to not only get out there and stay in shape but also a fantastic way to indulge in your competitive side. Another great note about many of these communities is that you can always find people who are around your own skill level, giving you great people with whom you can play and against whom you can measure yourself as you make progress. If you’ve ever wanted to take up a sport or improve your game, retirement can be a perfect time to do so.

retirement activities

If you’re looking at the active adult communities in Arizona, make sure that you pick a community with the amenities that mean the most to you. Having access to these retirement activities will not only help you to enjoy your retirement, but they’ll help you make your transition into your new location a bit easier. When you’re ready to consider moving, make sure to check out the Instant Home Evaluation Tool at CENTURY21 Northwest.


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