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The 5 Most Luxurious Active Adult Communities in the Phoenix Area


Luxury means many things to many people. It means comfort, excess, and above all else having what you need. Luxury living isn’t available to everyone, but it’s something that most strive for. If you’re thinking about moving to a new community, there’s something extremely attractive about seeking out luxury active adult communities. Perhaps that’s why so many active adult communities are making it a point to provide high-end amenities for their residents, using the lure of comfort and happiness to bring new people into their ever-growing planned communities.

What makes an active adult community luxurious?

Many active adult communities claim to be luxurious, but that’s usually more of a marketing term than a real mark of anything specific. There are, however, a few things that tend to make a community more luxurious than others. Luxury active adult communities usually go for quality over quantity – they might offer several different amenities, but the goal is to make sure that each is amazing. Luxury active adult communities are also always about going the extra mile. They don’t just have pools, for example – they have swimming complexes. These are the communities that anticipate the needs of their residents and make sure that they are always satisfied.

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Top 5 most luxurious active adult communities in the Phoenix Area

There are many great luxury active adult communities in the Phoenix area. Five, though, tend to stand about above the rest. These communities each serve their residents in unique ways, providing great services and amenities for their target populations. These are the communities that take lavishness seriously, making sure that they’re combining truly classic choices with more of the modern amenities that make modern adults comfortable. If you’re looking for a place to live, these are the communities with which you should first start.

Terravita – Scottsdale, AZ

Terravita is a perfect example of a type of luxury that’s unique to the Phoenix area. While one of the main drawing points of the community is the fantastic golf course and its attached amenities, there’s also a great deal of emphasis put on living in the Sonoran desert. While you might not necessarily think of the desert when you’re looking for luxury, you must realize that the community is located in an area that not only has fresher air than most of the region, but that tends to be a few degrees cooler on average. This is the type of splendor that you literally cannot build elsewhere.

luxury active adult communities
Photo credit: https://www.terravita.com/community/homes

There is plenty of standard luxury here, as well. The golf course is fantastic, as is the country club. The floorplans of the homes tend towards the spacious, with all the extras that make life a little easier to live. If you’re looking for a great nexus of location and comfort, this is the community for you.

Bellasera – Scottsdale, AZ

Bellasera takes different approach to luxury than some of the other communities on this list. It’s not that the community doesn’t have some of the more traditionally luxurious features like an excellent clubhouse or great homes, but rather that it puts a great deal of emphasis on staying active. Getting out, getting to know people and staying in shape are all big parts of life at Bellasera. For some, that’s a very specific and necessary type of opulence.

Of course, there’s more than just exercising. There are wonderful walking trails and even high-speed internet connections for the more technologically-inclined. This is one of the luxury active adult communities that shows high-end living looks a little different for everyone, but that it’s always a matter of quality.

Tonto Verde – Rio Verde, AZ

Tonto Verde is a great example of a more standard type of luxury. Like many other luxury active adult communities, this one is centered around the golf course. In all fairness, that’s probably because Tonto Verde has an amazing golf course – one that also has an amazing clubhouse. This clubhouse, with its amazing dining and great atmosphere, is one of the centers of the community and a great reason to visit the community in and of itself.

luxury active adult communities
Photo credit: www.tontoverde.org

If you’re looking for a place to live that’s got great golf and an even better atmosphere, Tonto Verde will probably meet your definition of luxury. It’s the kind of place that’s got space to host weddings and family events, but that still feels close-knit enough that you’ll always know your neighbors. This is a great example of how this type of community can benefit everyone.

Victory at Verrado – Buckeye, AZ

This community is another one of those communities that takes luxury in a very traditional direction. In this case, it means making sure that every bit of the community functions to make its residents lives easier. This means not only access to some amazing amenities but access to homes that feel like they’ve incorporated everything that most residents have always wanted to see. This is the type of luxury that one gets from staying at a resort, but with all the benefits that come from being at home.

In short, Victory at Verrado is the kind of community that brings luxury in its purest form. Whether you need great neighbors or just a fantastic home, it will provide you with what you need. At the end of the day, that’s the kind of luxury that most can get behind.

Sun City Grand – Surprise, AZ

Sun City Grand is huge. It’s got thousands of homes, which means that the community is big enough to support all kinds of lifestyles. In fact, this is the community that brings the indulgence of never really having to leave its bounds. Whether you’re looking for a place where you don’t have to drive your car just to go to dinner or the kind of place that will allow you to make new friends, this community simply works.

luxury active adult communities
Photo credit: http://www.grandinfo.com/Gallery/23983~19760

Of course, luxury can also be defined by homes. The homes in Sun City Grand span several different types of floor plans, but they’re great for those who need space and for those who just want convenience. This community is large enough to allow its residents to define and enjoy luxury on their own terms.


Luxury comes in many shapes and forms, but one thing’s always true – you’ll never be quite the same after experiencing true luxury. Whether you’re interested in one of these luxury active adult communities or want to know more about them all, the time is right to start thinking about your next move. Make sure to visit CENTURY21 Northwest to start looking at the new homes available in these active adult communities.


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