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The Best Phoenix Area Master Planned Communities for Families


The feeling of community is one that seems to be largely absent from many neighborhoods in the United States. It’s not that people are unfriendly, but rather that the slapdash way in which the neighborhoods and cities have been constructed simply divide people unknowingly. If you want to recapture that feeling of camaraderie and safety, you have to look for a community that was planned with those qualities in mind. Such communities allow residents and their families a chance to live their lives to the fullest through making sure they have all they need within the bounds of the community. Fortunately there are a number of options in Maricopa county. We’ve narrowed down for you, our favorite Phoenix Area master planned communities for families.

Phoenix Area Master Planned Communities for Families

While master planned communities are becoming all the rage throughout the United States, they’re especially popular in the Phoenix area. This might be because Phoenix has several highly ranked communities in the area, but residents of the region are quickly starting to think of these planned areas as the new normal. There are many different ones from which you might choose, but a few stand out as being especially friendly to growing families. The communities outlined below are only a small sample of what’s out there, but they can give you a good idea of what to expect.

phoenix area master planned communities for families

Mountain Park Ranch

When searching for the Phoenix area master planned communities for families, you may want to look at Mountain Park Ranch since it is one of the few within city limits. While it is separated from the rest of the city by South Mountain Park, it’s just a short drive away from everywhere a resident might want to go. With a variety of housing styles and amenities within the community itself, it supports many different types of lifestyles and allows individuals to live the types of lives they enjoy while still getting to be a part of a fantastic community.

Mountain Park Ranch has a number of great amenities, including three recreation centers and a variety of walking paths. With relatively low HOA fees and an outstanding look, it’s definitely the kind of place that families from all walks of life might want to consider when moving to the Phoenix area.

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Power Ranch

Of all the master planned communities in the Phoenix area, Power Ranch is perhaps the best known. Rated as one of the top master planned communities in the country, it is often looked at as a model for what this kind of place can and should be.

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For many, the appeal of Power Ranch lies in its amenities. It not only has the requisite parks and walking trails, but it also has unique amenities like a stocked fishing pond. This community really does manage to feel like a small town in the middle of a larger city, a safe enclave where people can raise their families and live their lives without any fear of crime. The community’s homes are of course top-notch, and those who reside there can rarely imagine living anywhere else. A top-ranked community, you won’t find many better than Power Ranch.

Village at Vistancia

Having a safe place to raise a family is often a major concern of individuals who want to move to master planned communities. If you’re looking for the amenities that are most important to growing families, it’s hard to recommend anywhere more fitting than the Village at Vistancia. With two K-8 schools, 2 community centers, parks, and Lake Pleasant nearby, it’s a community that seems to make family time and growth one of its major priorities.

phoenix area master planned communities for families


The Village at Vistancia is about more than just family life, though. It offers many of the same amenities that others do, with a unique flair that helps all of its residents feel more at home. This is a great place for those who have young, school-aged children who want to be sure that their school is a part of the local community.


Sometimes finding a safe neighborhood is worth driving a little farther. Located about twenty-five miles away from Phoenix in unincorporated Maricopa County, Anthem represents an ideal master planned community. This is a community that truly has it all, to the degree that you never really have to leave the area unless you really want to travel. The distance from Phoenix suddenly doesn’t seem so bad when you can do all of your shopping, entertaining, and relaxation activities all in one place.

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Anthem is a fantastic community that really seems to put families first. The sheer number of family-friendly activities in the area is exhausting, with schools in the community that can take your children from kindergarten through graduation. The community has plenty of room for sporting activities and even has its own skate park, making it a fantastic place for young families to grow.

If you’re looking to move to Phoenix, you really owe it to yourself to look at master planned communities. They bring a sense of ease and safety that’s hard to find anywhere else, all while allowing you to experience the best of Arizona living. If you’re coming in from another city or even the suburbs, you may very well find these planned communities to be a very refreshing change of pace. Our C21 Northwest agents would be happy to point you in the direction of one of the master planned communities that would fit whatever your lifestyle may be. Contact one of our trusted realtors today to learn more, and to find a solution to your home buying process today.


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