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The Home Selling Process Step by Step


Selling your home can be a lengthy process. If you’ve never made the attempt before, you should know that you’re in for a bit of a rollercoaster ride. There are certainly ups and downs, some of which are avoidable and others that are experienced by almost everyone. Taking a look at the home selling process step by step can better prepare you for what comes next.

Home selling process step by step

Learning about the home selling process step by step is the best way to prepare yourself for what comes next. Each of the following steps will bring your closer to selling your home and realizing a profit, but they’re all important in their own right. During this process, you’ll need to learn the importance of finding an agent, learning how to depersonalize your home, and how to market your home. When you’re ready to get started, you’ll want to follow the roadmap below.

home selling process step by step

Pick an agent

When you’re looking at the home selling process step by step, you have to start by finding a quality agent. Good agents should have a good reputation in the area, a solid client base, and should be willing to work with you to get you what you need. You should always ask agents about their current availability, homes they’ve sold in the region, and about their rates. One sure sign of a great agent is the agent’s willingness to sit down with you and walk you through exactly how they can help you sell your home.

Set a price

The next step is setting the price of your home. This will generally be done through looking at the average price fetched per square foot of a home in your area, then compared against what other homes with similar square footage and amenities in your area have sold for the in the last few months. Your goal should be to figure out a price that’s low enough to attract attention but that’s still high enough to allow you to settle your mortgage and realize a reasonable profit.

Prep your home to sell

Once you have your agent ready and your price set, the part of the home selling process step by step list you need to look at is getting your home ready to put on the market. The amount of effort this requires will vary depending on the state of your home.

Do repairs

Your goal should be to take care of both the major and minor problems in your home. The most important short-term issues are those that are immediately apparent to the buyer, but you should also make it a point to repair any systems or parts of your property that could put your sale in jeopardy. Anything that you cannot afford to repair will need to be disclosed to the potential buyer.

Make sure to include exterior maintenance as part of the repair process. Touch up the paint on your home, cut the lawn, and make sure that potential buyers are wowed by their first impression. Curb appeal is something you should pay attention to when selling your home.

Clean it up

In addition to repairs, you’ll need to focus on cleaning. A deep clean is necessary, so bring in the professionals. Hire a service to clean every surface and make sure to have your carpets and floors thoroughly cleaned. The cleaner your house looks, the better it will show.

home selling process step by step

If you don’t have time to hire a service, make sure to concentrate on cleaning those areas of your home that are the most visible. Make sure that every surface is clean and that there’s no dust or dirt in the home. Take some time to look at your home through the eyes of a visitor to determine what needs to be done.


Figuring out how to depersonalize your home can be tough, but it’s a necessity. You want to remove all the clutter and take away the touches that make your home feel like you live in it. Instead, you want a blank canvas on which future buyers can project their own tastes. If possible, you may also want to consider hiring a service to come in and stage the home so that you can show it in its best light.

List and market your home

Marketing your house isn’t easy, but that’s why you have a realtor. A good realtor will be able to list your home and to tap into a network of potential buyers. There’s much more to marketing than just putting out a sign and having an open house – this will be an ongoing process while your house is on the market. Your realtor should be constantly working to ensure that your house is visible to the rest of the market.

Negotiate offers

It’s unlikely that you will immediately get an offer for the full price of your home. You will have to negotiate a price, and this is another place in which a realtor will help you. Your realtor will let you know what’s a good offer, what’s a bad offer, and how to leverage what you have available. In time, you’ll be able to agree on a price and get your home sold.

Closing costs

Your final step is paying the closing costs. As a seller, you will be responsible for title insurance, the fees to your agent, and any fees related to your property taxes and mortgage. Once you have everything paid, you’ll be able to walk away knowing that you got the best possible deal for your home.

home selling process step by step

First time selling a home?

Selling your home for the first time can be scary, but a good agent can make it go much more smoothly. If you’re ready to sell, it’s important that you contact Century21 Northwest to get the help you deserve. When you are ready to sell your house, make sure that you visit Century21’s New Home Affordability Calculator to get an instant estimation of your home’s value.


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