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The Top Luxury Home Builders in the Phoenix Area


The growing Phoenix area has attracted a number of great luxury home builders. If you are looking for new home construction in the Phoenix area, it’s important to know which builders have a reputation for exceptional quality and service. After all, you will be making a sizable investment if you decide to build a brand new luxury estate. We’ve broken down the top luxury home builders in Phoenix so you can get an idea of where to start your search.

The top luxury home builders in Phoenix

There are plenty of luxury home builders in Phoenix. Though, not all luxury home builders live up to the same standards. The top luxury home builders offer homes that not only offer a sense of elegance, but that also live up to certain standards. These homes are not only comfortable, but incredibly well built, right down to the fine details. Top builders in the Valley all offer multiple floor plans, and each has something unique to offer prospective buyers.

Gehan Homes

Gehan Homes is a home building company perhaps best known for its outstanding designs and customer service. A frequent winner in multiple “best-of” categories, it is one of the top new home builders the Valley has to offer. Gehan Homes is currently building throughout the Phoenix area, with homes in Mesa, Peoria, Sun City, and beyond. If you’re looking for absolute luxury, this is a great builder with which to start. Fortunately, the builder’s view on luxury is also one that is highly customizable, with a variety of available floor plans and amenities available in the builder’s homes.

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A great deal of the work that Gehan Homes does is with an eye towards making its homes more efficient. Things like LED lighting, energy-efficient windows, and water-smart fixtures are the norm in these homes. Despite the focus on conservation, though, the builder’s homes are still quite luxurious. High-end kitchens are common, as is plenty of extra storage space. Perhaps the best thing about working with Gehan Homes is getting access to the Design Center, a place at which buyers of new construction can fully customize their new homes. If you’re looking for great floor-plans on which you can make your own mark, Gehan Homes may be for you.

David Weekley Homes

David Weekley Homes is one of the best-known luxury home builders in the Phoenix area, with properties ranging from Sun City to Gold Canyon. Each home is built to the highest standards, with a sense of architectural expression that is hard to find elsewhere. There are several different floor plans available, but all of the homes are built to be energy-efficient. This not only gives homeowners the freedom of knowing that they’ll have lower energy bills, but also the luxury of knowing that they’ve made excellent returns on their investments.

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Like many other great luxury home builders, David Weekley Homes also ensure that its buyers have a variety of amenities to choose from. This not only includes things like luxury kitchens and bonus rooms, but also the kinds of small choices that really make a house into a home. With more homes being built every day and a team that’s dedicated to make sure its customers gets what they need, it’s always a good time to buy from David Weekley Homes.

Salcito Customer Homes

Salcito is another well-known name in the Phoenix area. With a great reputation for building luxury homes, it’s the type of company one chooses to work with when he or she wants the best of the best. Salcito builds across the Phoenix area, with a focus on homes that are not only interesting from an architectural perspective but also those that will truly feel luxurious. This is done both through offering several different types of homes and through offering enough customization that no two homes will necessarily ever be the same. If you’re looking for a home in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley, Salcito can help you.

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One of the great things about the company is that it has its own interior design branch. That means that new home buyers will never have to settle for anything that isn’t custom, allowing for the type of luxury one can only get through working with a top-tier designer. The company also offers many of the amenities that have come to define luxury in the region, including excellent kitchens and outdoor living spaces. The homes built by the company have certainly become among the most sought-after in the region, especially among those who prize having homes that will really reflect their personalities.

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Cullum Homes

Cullum Homes is a well-known builder that has undertaken many projects from Scottsdale all the way north to Carefree. A builder that’s more than willing to put the customer first, it offers customization options that are sure to make any homeowner feel like they are getting a totally unique property. The builder is among the best in the area in terms of how easy they are to work with, allowing prospective buyers a greater degree of freedom than they might find with some other builders. Luxury always comes first, but in a way that honors the needs of the buyer.

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Cullum Homes definitely sets itself apart when it comes to quality construction. The company not only uses top-shelf materials in each home, but it also uses bleeding-edge construction techniques to ensure that its homes are of the highest quality. These techniques are also used to help buyers customize their homes, even letting them virtually walk through their design choices before the home is built. With a great combination of indoor and outdoor amenity features, Cullum Homes has created a niche for itself even with the luxury home building community.

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