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Tips to Sell a Home Without a Master Suite


Most home buyers would agree that one must-have feature in any home is a master suite. After all, this important feature can become a sanctuary in a busy home, and it’s always convenient to have no matter what else there may be. These suites have become a standard feature in recent years, but that does not mean they are present in every home. If your home isn’t equipped with a master suite, you’ll be starting at a huge disadvantage – but that disadvantage can be overcome with a lot of hard work and a few clever ideas.

Selling a home without a master suite

Without a suite, you’re certainly selling at a disadvantage. Your goal should be to make the rest of your home so spectacular that the buyer can ignore that single deficiency. While some homeowners may have the option of putting a suite in the master bedroom area, it’s important to remember that you do have other choices. Below are a few ways you can make your home stand out enough that it won’t necessarily need a suite to secure a sale.

Renovate a nearby bathroom

If you can’t provide a suite, try providing an experience that’s close. Take a look at the positions of the bathrooms in your home and designate one as a master bathroom. If you currently only have a single bathroom in the home, you’ll want to put most of your efforts there as a starting point. This bathroom should be made as luxurious as your budget allows, helping to convince buyers that they can live without having that bathroom attached to the master bedroom so long as they can still get access to your wonderful renovation.

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If you don’t have enough room in your budget for a full renovation, try making the changes that make the most economic sense. New fixtures can go a long way, as can updated wall colors. If you have the ability to replace the shower or bathtub with something a bit more modern, try to do so. At the very least, make sure you set up this bathroom in a way that shows off the potential of the room. This should be an area that looks comfortable enough to overcome a buyer’s hesitance to buy without an en-suite.

Spruce up the master bedroom

Even if you don’t have a master suite, your master bedroom can still be a great space. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to go through with completely remodeling this space, but you can make some changes that will help potential buyers to see it in a better light. If your master bedroom looks good enough, you’ll be able to deflect some of the concerns surrounding the bathroom and entice buyers. This will largely be a matter of making minor changes, so it’s a move that’s affordable to most owners.

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Start by choosing a neutral paint color that makes the room seem large and light. Combine this with good window decor and consider changing out the carpet if the current one doesn’t match the feel you want with the room. From there, you’ll want to stage the room in a way that makes it look bigger and more comfortable. Once you have this done, you can add decorative touches that make it look like a luxury space. This is a move that helps buyers to see the potential of a space and overlook the problems with the lack of a master bath.

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Focus on the kitchen

In addition to the master bedroom, the kitchen is the area on which most home-buyers focus their attention. A good kitchen is not only more conducive to making meals, but it can be a combination of a living and entertaining space. Kitchens are also notoriously time-consuming to remodel, so having a great kitchen in your home can go a long way towards fixing other deficiencies. If you do not have a bathroom attached to your master bedroom, you’ll want to make sure that your kitchen stands out for buyers.

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At a basic level, you’ll want to get rid of clutter and maximize space. Once this is done, it’s time to replace old fixtures with ones that look a little more modern. If your budget permits, try to redesign the space so that it’s a bit more open and easier to work in so that buyers can see the potential of the area. If you can’t do a full remodel, maximize what space you have by trying to draw the eye of the buyer to the open counter-space and cupboards. Even updating your backsplash or paint colors can go a long way towards making this space pop.

Create an outdoor living space

If you can’t have the ideal indoor space (including a master suite), why not try to make the space outside your home even better? Help to convince your would-be buyers that they shouldn’t worry about the master bedroom area by showing them how much time they’ll spend outside the home. If you can create an outdoor concept that will help to bring in buyers, many will be so entranced by what you have done outside that they won’t worry quite as much about the problems inside.

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Start small by surveying what you have. How does the landscaping look? Are there quick changes you can make? If so, make them. From there, start adding features that buyers love – patios, entertaining areas, and even fire pits can be major sellers. The goal is to show the buyer everything that he or she can do in this space so that they won’t feel like spending all of his or her time inside. The more attractive you make your outdoor living spaces, the better. Outdoor living spaces are hot right now, so jump on the trend to improve your odds of selling your home.

It’s always going to be more difficult to sell a home without a master suite than it will be to sell a home with a suite. If adding this area to your home is not an option, you can use one of the ideas above to make your home stand out. Be realistic about the price you can fetch and always work with a realtor who can maximize the potential of your home. To figure out what your home is really worth and how to make the most of it, make sure to contact Century21 Northwest today.


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