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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Tempe Realtor


The Tempe, AZ real estate market has a diverse offering of properties for such a small geographical area. It takes a special realtor to deal with the different types of buyers and sellers concentrated in the city. If you are looking for a Tempe realtor, be sure to find one who checks all of these boxes.

Ideal Tempe Realtor Qualities

Tempe realtor quality #1: Honesty and integrity

This should go without saying, but, unfortunately, the Tempe, AZ real estate market’s popularity has also attracted a lot of unsavory realtors who do not always have the best interests of their clients at heart. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your house, be sure to find a Tempe realtor who leaves you feeling confident that they will uphold their fiduciary duty to help you get or make the best deal possible on your real estate investment. At CENTURY 21 Northwest Realty, we pride ourselves on our reputation and we take very seriously the enormity of real estate transactions to individuals and families. In this vein, the culture at CENTURY 21 Northwest is one that demands complete integrity in all of our work and toward all parties involved in any real estate transaction with us.

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Tempe realtor quality #2: Responsiveness

The other thing about all of the interest flooding the Tempe, AZ real estate market is that some realtors find themselves spread thin between numerous clients, inevitably leading to communication breakdowns. The right Tempe realtor will be the one who is responsive — one you are able to reach and who gets back to you quickly (within reason) rather than leaving you staring at your phone waiting for a text back. There is nothing worse when you are buying or selling a house than having to wait around to hear back from your realtor.

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Picture this: You found the home of your dreams and have put in an offer. You are anxiously waiting to hear back from your realtor to see if it has been accepted … and waiting and waiting and waiting. Is the realtor’s phone broken? Are they just ignoring you? Did they get hit by a bus? Find a Tempe realtor who doesn’t leave you hanging!

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Tempe realtor quality #3: Knowledge of the area

Okay, now we move on to more professional qualifications for a realtor. The Tempe, AZ real estate market is unique for a variety of reasons. Between the large employers located there (like ADP and Chase Manhattan Bank), Arizona State University’s main campus adjacent to the vibrant Mill Avenue and historic neighborhoods spanning numerous decades, the houses and neighborhoods in Tempe are just as diverse as the populations who call Tempe home. Depending on your situation and priorities, a realtor who knows Tempe well will be able to go beyond bedroom and bathroom requirements to help you find a space that will fit other areas of your life as well. Is it important to you that you are able to bike to work? Do you want to be near great bars and restaurants?


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Looking for a quieter neighborhood where you can let your kids play outside without worrying? Whatever the case, there is a Tempe neighborhood that can accommodate you, it is just a matter of getting the right realtor to take the time to truly understand your preferences and to help point you in the right direction rather than pressuring you to buy a house that you will be unhappy with a year from now.

Alternatively, if you are hiring a Tempe realtor to sell your house, someone who is familiar with Tempe will have an advantage in identifying the unique selling points of your home and know which types of prospective buyers to target in their marketing.

Tempe realtor quality #4: Negotiation skills

After your Tempe realtor has helped you buy your dream home or find your dream buyers, it is critical that you are partnered with someone who is an excellent negotiator. In the Tempe real estate market, the competition for homes means that you need to feel sure that you will get the outcome you want but that it will also make good financial sense for you too. Your dream home will not be your dream home for long if you end up paying too much for it.

What do you think? When you are looking for a realtor, what qualities are important to you?

If you think it is important that a Tempe realtor is a master negotiator, knows the area, is responsive to you and is someone you can trust, look no further. Our agents are among the best in the business and the reason we are one of the most respected real estate firms in the Phoenix-metro area. Contact us today!

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