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7 Downtown Phoenix Murals You Have to See for Yourself


Downtown Phoenix murals help to give the city its character. As an important part of what makes Phoenix unique amongst other big cities in the southwest, murals help to give the city a type of flair richly expresses the city’s culture and tradition. It make take a few trips to see them all so we’ve compiled our favorites to help you plan which ones to visit.

A brief history of Downtown Phoenix murals

Phoenix is a city of color. The mural scene is a natural outgrowth of both its arts district and the thriving graffiti scene that was once a part of the city’s history. Unlike many other cities that sought to erase their graffiti, Phoenix managed to embrace the artistic value of those pieces and help to give artists a less destructive outlet. Today’s Phoenix is one that is full of beautiful murals, with both new works and old standing side by side in the city. Today, Murals of Phoenix is an organization that helps to both promote the murals themselves as well as the artists who have created them.

7 murals in Downtown Phoenix you should check out

It goes without saying that there are more than seven great murals in Phoenix. If you only have time to check out a few, though, these are the most important. Whether historically significant or artistically beautiful, these are the art pieces that help give Phoenix its unique look.


Created by Jesse Perry, you’ll find Victory downtown near the I-17 and Buckeye. The Arizona Capitol Museum is a great way to spend an afternoon, and be sure check out some of the great dining and entertainment options in Downtown Phoenix when you stop by the see the mural.

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Ziggy Stardust


This must-visit mural was created by Maggie Keane and is located just north of McDowell. This is right around the city’s Miracle Mile, so stop by some of the great ethnic restaurants and make time to visit one of the city’s hippest areas after viewing the mural.

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ASU Immigration Mural

Located near Fillmore, this collaborative project shows a wide range of immigrant experiences in a single picture. With hot spots like the Cobra Arcade Bar, Angels Trumpet Ale House, and the Dressing Room, you’ll have a hard time running out of entertainment options in this area. Located in Phoenix’s historic Roosevelt district, it’s a perfect location to take in the local art scene and the local scenery.

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Los Suns

This great mural was created by lalocota. Very close-by to the Immigration Mural, this area can’t be beat when it comes to the local artistry. Located on the wall of Carly’s, you’ll definitely want to make sure to stop in for a bite after you see the mural.

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Rise Spirits

This mural was created by Harriet Wood. You’ll absolutely want to stop by Rise Spirits itself for a drink and a meal once you’ve seen the mural.

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Untitled – CLYDE

Created by local artist Clyde, this is one of the Downtown Phoenix murals that is a must-see. Located off of 17th Ave and Camelback, it’s near enough to Christown Spectrum so you can enjoy some shopping options and a movie theater, along with plenty of restaurants to make it a part of any day trip.

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Untitled – JB Snyder

This untitled JB Snyder piece is a real standout and an evolution of several other pieces. Definitely worth a look as you view the pieces of art and galleries on Roosevelt Row.

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These are just a handful of the great Downtown Phoenix murals. Whether you’re an artist yourself or just a fan of great street art, you’ll find plenty to love in this growing city. If you tour these charming neighborhoods and want to view homes for sale in the area, click here to start your search. You can save and share your favorites as well as get in touch with a trusted CENTURY 21 Northwest agent. 

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