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The Most Popular Phoenix Neighborhoods for Young Professionals


Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The combination of a lower cost of living, proximity to other great cities, and a booming business scene have made it one of the hottest spots for those looking to relocate. As you can imagine, though, not every part of the region has seen an equal amount of growth. Certain neighborhoods have become more popular over recent years, especially among those who are just starting out in their careers. There are a handful of Phoenix neighborhoods for young professionals that are more popular than others for various reasons including the amount of things to do within close proximity, the variety of different transportation options, and of course the amount of other young professionals in the area.

Phoenix Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

As you might expect, it takes a lot to satisfy the needs of young professionals. A great combination of housing options, location, and amenities have to work together in order to make a neighborhood ideal. While Phoenix certainly has a number of neighborhoods that have at least two out of those three features, there are only a handful that check off all the boxes. These neighborhoods for young professionals are the best of the best and they’re all growing rapidly. If you are an up and coming young adult who is moving to the Phoenix area to conquer the world, these are the neighborhoods in which you’ll want to start your housing search.

Phoenix neighborhoods for young professionals

#1 – Arcadia (Phoenix)

Arcadia is a very interesting neighborhood. On the one hand, it’s located close enough downtown that you can be right in the middle of the action in just a few minutes. On the other, it’s far enough away that residents have access to some of the city’s best dining and entertainment options. Arcadia manages to be perfectly positioned for young professionals on the go, allowing them to have the best of both worlds. It also manages to hit a sweet spot of being just close enough to business areas to feel high-end, while also still far enough away that you can avoid some of the hustle and bustle of downtown. Whether you are looking to work downtown or just want a great central location, Arcadia will give you everything that you need. This Phoenix neighborhood for young professionals is a great option if location is the most important thing to you.

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#2 – Downtown Phoenix

If you’re more dedicated to being in the thick of things, downtown Phoenix might be more your speed. Right next to the financial and business districts, it’s a fantastic place to live if you don’t want to worry about your commute to work every day. If you’re looking to get around town, though, Downtown Phoenix also has access to the light rail. This is the kind of trendy district that’s usually home to many of the young movers and shakers in the city, so it’s also the perfect place to live if you want to make sure that you’re close to all of the best networking opportunities. Consider Downtown Phoenix if you want to keep home and work in close proximity.

phoenix neighborhoods for young professionals

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#3 – CenPho (Central Phoenix)

If you’re looking to get a bit farther out from the business world while still keeping access to your place of work, CenPho is probably the neighborhood for you. In close proximity to some of the city’s best dining and shopping options, it’s definitely where you want to go if you’re looking for plenty of entertainment options. For those who are work-centric, though, there’s still a lot to love about the area. It has easy access to the Light Rail, and Central Ave works as a great central access point to the city. Look at CenPho if you want a chance to be close to some of the more entertaining options Phoenix has to offer while not being too far away from work at the same time.

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#4 – Oldtown Scottsdale

If you’re looking for more of a social scene, Oldtown Scottsdale is where it’s at. Don’t be fooled by the name – this is actually one of the hottest spots for the younger crowd in Phoenix. It’s got some of the best social options and many of the hottest spots in town, so it’s a perfect place for those who are looking to relax and have fun with others. This is an ideal area not just for singles, though, but for anyone who is looking for a great place to enjoy meeting others who are there age. With a relatively young median age and a fantastic array of housing options, Oldtown Scottsdale is one of the best Phoenix neigborhoods for young professionals to have fun outside of the city.

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#5 – Tempe

If you’re really looking for the highest youth concentration in the region, you’ve got to look at Tempe. Home to ASU, it’s definitely the place to go when you’re looking for demographically-younger trends. It’s also the primary place to look if you want to find businesses that are focused on people in their 20’s. Whether you’re looking for specific lifestyle brands or you’re planning on opening a business that caters to a younger crowd, this is the neighborhood in which you want to be. Tempe is also surrounded by five freeways and has a number of great commuting options, so it’s a fantastic neighborhood for those who want to work in Phoenix but who would rather have a bit of space between themselves and their colleagues at work.

phoenix neighborhoods for young professionals

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Finding the Perfect Phoenix Neighborhood

Each of these Phoenix neighborhoods for young professionals offers something special to the demographic. Whether you want to be near your peers, near your work, or just close enough to great amenities that you can always feel relaxed, Phoenix has a great neighborhood for you. If you are looking to move, make sure that you get help to find the ideal new home. Contact one of our experienced realtors at CENTURY21 Northwest, take a look at the home affordability calculator, and start viewing homes in these fantastic neighborhoods.


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