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5 Reasons Why You Need an Agent When Buying a New Home


Do you need an agent when buying a new home? There are very few who would argue against having an agent to help. What about when you’re buying new construction? Some would lead you to believe that the process is simpler because you can buy directly from the builder, so you won’t need an agent’s help. In reality, buying new construction isn’t as streamlined as you might think – and a professional agent might be the only person who can keep you out of a bad deal.

Do you need an agent when buying new home construction?

Do you need an agent when buying a new home? Of course! Good agents don’t just show you homes – they help you to figure out if a home is worth your time and money. As such, you’ll need an experienced and trusted agent when you look at new construction. Below are just a few of the things that a great agent can bring to the table when you’re looking at a newly-built home.

do you need an agent when buy a new home

Education and experience

Real estate agents help people find homes for a living. While anyone can read listings and look at prices, it takes a trained agent to figure out if a deal is actually worth taking. Even though agents are always motivated to make a deal, they know that keeping customers happy is the best way to get business in the future. As such, most agents use their years of experience to ensure that their clients get the home that best suits their needs including one that will have the least amount of issues in the future. When working with new construction, that often means cutting through the marketing language of the builder to figure out if the house is actually as good of a deal as it seems. Even newly built homes have their issues. Most of the time, these builders are building homes at a fast pace and mistakes can and are made. An experienced agent along with an independent inspector can help point out those issues in advance.

Recommending financing

When you work with a builder of new home construction in the Phoenix Area, you’re going to be steered towards the builder’s financer of choice. This isn’t necessarily done for nefarious reasons, as the builder’s financial partner usually makes the closing process easier on the builder. Your agent, however, will help you to determine if it is in your best interest to work with that financing company or if you need to look elsewhere. A solid agent will have an idea not only of what the typical interest rates are for someone with your credit score but what kind of perks you might get from working with a specific company. Your agent might steer you towards the same financing company as the builder, but he or she will only do so if that is in your best interest.

Moderating the home inspection

Most builders don’t love the idea of having an inspection done, and they tend to push buyers to skip the inspection. After all, they reason, there’s nothing to inspect – the home is newly built and the inspection will just be a waste of time and money. A reliable agent will help to push for the inspection so that any hidden faults can be uncovered by a neutral third party. Your agent will work as a tireless advocate for your needs, helping to ensure that you get a great house even when the builder is pushing for a quick closing.

do you need an agent when buying a new home

Negotiating extras

If you’ve ever bought a house, you already know how helpful a realtor can be when it comes to negotiating. If you’re buying new construction, that same real estate agent can be just as helpful in negotiating extras. He or she has a good idea of what’s usually including in comparable homes, so the agent will be able to help you get a better deal. If you’re looking for upgrades, let your agent handle the conversation – you might be surprised by what he or she can get you for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

Finding a reputable builder

Finally, a good agent is the perfect person to point you towards the best builders. Remember, agents handle new construction all the time and they have a very good idea of who is trustworthy and who might be out to make a quick buck. Agents also have experience selling homes that these builders have built in the past, so they know how their homes will hold up over time. Given that agents make selling homes their business, they have a knack for finding the homes that will leave them with the happiest customers and the greatest likelihood of getting future referrals.

do you need an agent when buying a new home

Ready to start the search for your new home?

When asked “Do you need an agent when buying a new home?”, remember everything that an agent can do for you. The agent will help you to figure out if the deal is really as good as you’ve been led to believe and will ensure that you walk away from the deal both happy and well-informed. If you are interested in buying new home construction, make sure that you know what you can afford. Visit the CENTURY21 Northwest home affordability calculator to determine how you can afford the home of your dreams.


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