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Tips for Choosing New Home Builders in Phoenix


Building a new home can be a great way to make sure that you’re getting precisely the features you want in the perfect location. There are many new home builders in the Phoenix area, though, and not all of them will be the right fit for your needs. If you want to choose the right builder, you’ll have to stop for a moment and consider what makes one particular builder better than the rest. Below are just a few strategies you can use for determining whether or not certain new home builders in Phoenix will be able to build the home of your dreams.

How to find new home builders in Phoenix


If you’re going to go with new construction, it’s important that you know what makes a construction company stand out from the rest of the pack. You’re not looking at anything as simple as price here – the lowest bidder isn’t always the company that will put you in the best home. Instead, you’re looking for a collection of features, abilities, and personalities that will make you feel better about your choice to use that particular company. If you can follow these basic tips, you’ll have a much easier time with new home construction


new home builders in phoenix

Look at the reputation


Your first step should always be to look into the reputation of each individual builder. This is a basic step you should take any time you choose to work with a professional, and one that will help you quite a bit when building a new home. If there’s no record of consumer reaction – good or bad – there’s no real ties between a construction company and the community. You want a company that will stand by its work, and that means a construction company that depends on its reputation to survive.

While going online will give you some information, be careful – review sites tend to get both more negative reviews and more artificial positive reviews than you might imagine. If you can talk to a person who had a home constructed by a company, you’re much more likely to get a realistic view of that company’s reputation. Take a moment to look at court records, as well – if the company is being sued by a client to whom it sold a home, that’s a sign that the company’s work may not be as solid as they claim.

Bring a real estate agent


A good real estate agent can do more than just show you old houses. He or she can be an invaluable ally in helping you to determine whether a certain builder’s work is actually worth your investment. At a basic level, the real estate agent will have at least some idea of the builder’s reputation and know whether the work is reputed to be solid or shoddy. The agent may also have personal experience with the builder, which might help you to get through the building process more efficiently.

Your real estate agent can also give his or her opinion as to the quality of work done on a particular home. Remember, a real estate agent spends a lot of time looking at homes – he or she can spot the tiny flaws or the inflated prices far easily than most others. If your agent thinks that you’re getting a good deal on new construction, that’s probably the truth. They may be able to see red flags to which yourexcitement blinds you, so pay careful attention to anything your agent says.


New home builders in Phoenix


Tour a house


It’s also a very good idea to tour a house that was built by the construction company in question. You definitely want to make sure that you’re looking at a home that was built within the past year or so, and particularly at a home that is at least similar to one that you’d want to buy for yourself. This will give you a good idea of how well these homes keep their value, and how the construction looks after new residents actually move in. You’ll get a much clearer view of what these homes are like when they’re not being used as showpieces.

If possible, try to visit a model home. This will show you the best quality you can hope for from the builder. If the model home is in disrepair or has noticeable flaws, you can be certain that any home built for you will be in even worse shape. Do try to remember that a model home will usually have many expensive upgrades and will be in better shape than most new homes. If you can look at the model as an example of the best that the builder can do, though, you’ll know something about that builder’s abilities.


new home builders in Phoenix

Look for perks


If you’re stuck between two builders who have great reputations and who do great work, you might want to look at the perks that each one offers their customers. Builders are in the business of selling homes quickly, and most have specific programs put in place to help ensure that buyers will go with them. Some offer down payment assistance, for example, while others might waive closing costs so long as you make an attempt to work with their lender. You can save quite a bit of money through these programs.

Even if the big money perks aren’t available, there are often perks that you can find with specific builders. Some might be able to get you a better deal on new appliances, while some might have certain building materials for less money. Don’t be swayed by cheap perks like free televisions, but pay attention to what a builder is willing to offer you. A more proactive builder might be willing to take better care of you as a customer and ultimately save you more money by putting in more effort than his or her competition.

new home builders in Phoenix

Finding new home builders in Phoenix is easy, especially if you follow the tips above. Be willing to do your homework and a little digging, especially if you want the right home for the right price. Knowing which builders are worth looking at will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also help you to get a better quality home. When you’re ready to start doing your research before buying a new home, take a moment to look at the CENTURY21 Northwest Home Affordability Calculator to see what your future might look like in a new house.

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