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5 Silly Things To Do When You Retire


Retirement is, in many ways, your reward for a lifetime of hard work. While many choose to spend their golden years quietly relaxing, that’s not the only valid choice out there. In fact, no one says you need to be quiet at all! Instead, you can find a few things to do when you retire that allow you to have some real fun.

Why do silly things when you retire?

Of all the things to do when you retire, it’s the silly things that might matter the most. You’ve had a lifetime of being an adult, so why not mix things up a little? There are many good reasons to embrace your sillier side and to try out a few new things.

Because you could care less

The biggest reason to find silly things to do when you retire is because you can. There’s no reason to care what people think anymore – you’ve already won! You’ve had the job, made the money, and lived life by everyone else’s rules. Now that you’re retired, you can cast off the old shackles and start doing what you want to do – no questions asked.

things to do when you retire

Retirement is about enjoying your life….sometimes at other people’s expense

When you retire, you get a great chance to do what you’ve always wanted. You’ve had the opportunity to move to a new place, to meet new people, and try new things. So why not enjoy your life by giving other people a little bit of grief? If nothing else, you deserve to poke fun at the rest of the world after living a very responsible life.

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Laughter helps you live longer

In all seriousness, laughter can help you. In fact, people who laugh more tend to live longer. Laughter is great for your physical health and your psychological well-being. In fact, you might go so far as to say that being silly is exactly what the doctor ordered.

5 silly suggestions

Need some help embracing your silly side? The good news is that many people have gone before you and they’ve come up with some great gags and experiences that are sure to tickle your funny bone. Below are just five great ways you can have some fun while you’re retired.

Go to a nightclub where young people hang out

The dating scene might have changed over the years, but clubs have not. The music is still loud, the people inside are somehow louder, and they’re all incredibly self-conscious. What better way, then, to have some fun than by ignoring what everyone else is trying to do and to have a good time? Go out, listen to new music and take the focus off of all the younger people to show them what having a great time really looks like.


things to do when you retire


Crash a wedding reception

Wedding receptions are great – at least, when you’re a guest. Every married couple has a few older relatives or friends that they can’t quite place at the reception, so why not sneak in and try your hand at impersonating one of them? Dance with the bride, tell made-up stories about their childhood, and never forget to grab a piece of cake. Feel bad? Don’t – you can always leave a lovely card and a gift if you’ve had a great time.

Do Heavy Metal Karaoke

Feel like going back to the 1980s? Time machines might not be around quite yet, but heavy metal karaoke is the next best thing. Bring out your best metal yell and your deepest growl to impress everyone else at the karaoke bar. Not only will you have a great time letting your inner rockstar out, but you’ll also get a chance to mingle with an entirely (maybe) new crowd.

Visit a local sorority or fraternity house and pretend to be an original member

Ready to relive your college days? Brush up on your Greek and head to the nearest fraternity or sorority. Tell them stories about the good old days, the wilder the better. No one will ever call you out on your deception, and you’ll probably even get free drinks out of the journey!

Give hideously ugly socks to your grandkids for Christmas one year. Hide money in them and see if they find it.

You love your grandkids – but that’s no reason to avoid having a little fun. Give them ugly socks for Christmas and try to suppress a laugh while they pretend to be excited. Hide a little money inside, too, so you can let them in on the joke.

things to do when you retire

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