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What to Look for in a 55+ Community


Arizona is home to some great fifty-five plus communities. Communities like Sun City Arizona and Trilogy at Vistancia bring in new residents from around the country each year, with some people planning for years to make the move. If you’re looking to move to one of these communities, it’s vital that you know what to look for in a 55+ community so you can live your retirement years happily in a great environment.

Evaluating 55+ communities

There are many different 55+ communities, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to settle on anything that’s less than ideal. Each community has their own unique selling points, so take some time to compare the factors that are most important to you. Most residents tend to look at healthcare access, fitness programs, safety, amenities, and cost when they think about what to look for in a 55+ community.

what to look for in a 55+ community
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Proximity to Healthcare

It’s a great idea to be close to health care facilities. Not only is it helpful in emergencies, but being close also helps to encourage residents to take better care of their own health. Proximity makes travel easier and gives residents fewer excuses to avoid doctor’s appointments and regular check-ups. If you want to be sure that you’re in a position to take care of your health, you must look for a community with outstanding healthcare access.

Exercise and wellness

Physical health and wellness should absolutely be on the mind of anyone wanting to know what to look for in 55+ communities. Staying physically active helps to improve one’s quality of life, strengthen the immune system, and keeps a person feeling better about his or her life. Most communities should make it a point to offer at least a handful of these amenities to encourage their residents to live healthier lives. Communities like Sun City Arizona, Trilogy at Vistancia, and Trilogy at Wickenburg Ranch all offer a variety of amenities like swimming, fitness centers, and golf courses to ensure that their residents have multiple fitness options available.

what to look for in 55+ communities

Safety of the area

Safety should always be a factor that you keep in mind when considering what to look for in 55+ communities. You’re not just looking at crime statistics here, though – you’re looking at how you feel about the neighborhood. Take some time to consider whether you’d feel more comfortable in a community that has its own security, one that has a gate, or even one that has on-call staff to help you when you don’t feel safe. There’s really not a right answer here that will fit all sizes, but taking the time to look at what’s out there will help you to better gauge whether or not you feel safe in a given community.

Suitable amenities

What types of perks do you want from the place you live? While many communities have certain standardized amenities, it really does tend to be the differences that sets most of them apart. If you are particularly social, for example, you might want to look for a community that has some kind of social calendar or that has clubs. If you’re more interested in fitness, on the other hand, a good exercise center or walking trail might be better for you. These are little things that help you to better tailor your living experience to your liking and they’ll ultimately be the types of things that make you most happy with your long-term choices. While amenities might not be the primary motivating factor in moving, they’re definitely worth considering when you are choosing between a number of potential communities.

what to look for in 55+ communities


One of the most important things to keep in mind when you start looking at retirement communities is the cost of living. There are plenty of 55+ communities available for those in every income bracket, but ignoring this factor can lead to financial issues. You need to know much more than just the price of a home and the HOA, dues – factors as varied as income taxes and fuel prices can make a huge difference for those who live on fixed incomes. Make sure you know exactly what you have available to spend as well as what kind of living situation will make you happiest before you commit to any community.

Ready to look for a new home in a 55+ community?

Once you know what to look for in a 55+ community you can start searching in earnest. There really is something in the area for everyone, but it always helps to have someone around who knows where to look. When you are ready to get serious about finding a great new community and to figure out how much your current home is work, make sure that you work with the experts. Be sure to check out our guide to active adult communities in Arizona and to start planning your next move.


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