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Top Features to Consider When Building a New Home


Constructing a new home has a few quirks. One of the biggest is that you’re not just building what you want – you’re trying to build something that you might be able to sell someday. While keeping this in mind, you’ll need to start thinking about the features to consider when building a new home. When planning with your builder, you might even want to through in some cool ideas for new home construction.

The best features to consider when building a new home


There are certain features that are so important in a new home that they override any of your own personal style choices. These are the features that will not only make your life easier, but add a great deal of value if and when you choose to put your home back on the market. Some of these features are timeless, while others are more geared towards today’s buyers. No matter who the audience, though, these features can really help sell a home.

1. Storage


One of the defining features of new home construction is an excess of storage. New buyers want a place to put all of their possessions, but they don’t necessarily want them out where they have to be viewed by every visitor. This is why attics, huge closets, and even deep pantries are becoming so popular in new homes. This goes double for the kitchen, where extra cabinets and drawers can be a huge return on investment. If you can find a way to make a home look uncluttered without requiring a massive reduction in items owned, you’re probably looking at a great construction decision.


amenities that home buyers want


2. Open floor plan


If you want a new home, make sure to build one with an open floor plan. Not only has this been a major trend in new homes over the past decade or so, but it’s one that makes sense for most prospective buyers. Open floor plans tend to be a little easier to work with no matter what kind of furniture the buyer owns, and the lack of walls between living spaces really maximizes the square footage. When savvy buyers look at this kind of floor plan, they note that they’re getting access to every inch for which they have paid.


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3. Master suite


If you’re building a new home without a master suite, you’re making a huge mistake. This is something that’s become so important to buyers that it’s basically standard at the moment. Even if you’re just looking at things from a purely personal standpoint, a master suite is incredibly nice to have. Being able to wake up and get a shower without having to leave the privacy of your room can be wonderful, especially if you have children or roommates. Don’t even think about building a home unless you are able to commit to having this particular space.


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4. Family/bonus space


Extra space for families is en vogue. Bonus rooms that can serve as secondary entertaining spaces or game rooms are great, especially for homes that are meant to be grown into by a young family. Adding in a bonus space that can grow from being a playroom to a teen hangout spot is great, and so too is adding in a little extra space where they family can curl up and watch a movie. Adding in these extra spaces that don’t have a defined function can be a great way for a family to grow into a new home.


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5. Flexible spaces


Flexibility is a key part of new homes. While you might have some very specific plans for what spaces can be used for, it’s always good to leave some options open. An office that can be converted into a nursery might be great, but what might be even better is a bonus room that could be converted to an in-law suite with a little bit of extra work. The more flexible your spaces, the easier it will be to grow with the home as your life and lifestyle changes.


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6. Luxury bathrooms


Bathrooms have become an ever more important part of new home construction. Whereas once you could get away with having fairly standard bathroom spaces everywhere but the master suite, today’s home buyers really want nice bathrooms throughout the house. If your bathroom is large enough to have a tub or a shower, you should go out of your way to add a few nice finishing touches. From high-end fixtures to extra space, the money you put into improving a bathroom is usually money that you’ll get back in a sale.


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7. Media room


Media rooms are becoming more popular, especially in higher-end new construction. These rooms are designed specifically for massive media centers and comfortable seating. Adding in features like a bathroom just off the room or plumbing fixtures for a wet bar can make this kind of space even more attractive to some buyers. While this kind of dedicated space is really only useful when there is already a fair bit of flexible space in the home, it can be a selling point for those who are looking for something a little more advanced than the typical man cave.


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8. Outdoor living space


If you’re looking for new home builders, always make sure you find someone who has experience adding outdoor living spaces. You’re looking for more than just a deck now – having space outdoors to entertain will not only maximize your living space in general, but it’s a great bonus for when you sell your home. Adding in things like an outdoor kitchen or entertaining area is a great way to make use of your property and a fantastic way to ensure that you’ll be able to add some resale value to your new home. Outdoor living spaces don’t have to be extravagant, but the money you put into foundational elements will usually pay off in the long run.


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9. Efficient spaces


If you really want to scare off a future buyer, add in spaces that serve no real purpose. The modern buyer is looking for a home in which everything has a purpose – and if something can’t be used or converted, the buyer is paying for space he or she doesn’t use. This means it’s time to get rid of spaces like formal dining and living rooms and to substitute them for more efficient spaces.

10 Cool Ideas for New Home Construction

For those with the means to go a little “extra”, check out these cool ideas for new home construction:

  1. Secret rooms
  2. Shelves under the stairs
  3. Virtual reality room
  4. A Google Assistant controlled home
  5. Corner shelves
  6. Dog bath in the laundry room
  7. Outdoor theater
  8. Dog house under the stairs
  9. Slide out ironing board
  10. Indoor garden

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These features will make a huge difference in how well your home sells in the future. Whether you’re looking to future-proof your new home or your new construction project is waiting for buyers, these features will help. If you’re ready to put your home on the market – or you just want to see what improvements you can make, make sure to contact one of our trusted agents at CENTURY21 Northwest for a home evaluation.

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